Friday, July 17, 2009

Life after child birth...

It has been almost two months since my last post...One thing that has contributed to my lack of commitment to this blog lately, besides my new baby, is that I joined Facebook. Some of my friends had been trying to get me to join for months and I finally gave in. Well, now my husband is on my case because I am hooked- at least I have been for a few weeks!!! I love it! I can't believe that I waited this long to join. Anyways, I will be limiting my Facebook use in the future, so that I can devote my time to more important things, like raising my child.

Since Logan was born, mine and Sy's life has been quite different as we knew it would be. She is amazing and now we can't imagine our lives without her! The first two weeks after she was born was a bit rough for me. Adjusting to a new baby, as well as, dealing with exhaustion, hormones, breastfeeding, and wondering if your body will ever be the same again can take its toll on anyone. After about two weeks, though, things settled down. I began to really get use to Logan and use to my new role as mommy.

One thing that really surprised me is how much breastfeeding hurt in the beginning. I had read article after book after article that stated that breastfeeding should NOT hurt; which is why I couldn't understand why after about 2 days of it, I wanted to cut off my boobs and put them on ice for about a week. I was absolutely baffled! Every time Logan would latch on, I seriously wanted to scream. Well the pain did go away after about 2-3 weeks and not a moment too soon! I vividly remember the first time I got into the shower and could let the water from the shower head hit my chest- it was that serious! Now- breastfeeding is a complete joy! I love it- no pain at all. I figured out that what all those articles and books that give instruction on breastfeeding don't tell you is that your boobs have to go through a 2-3 week initiation period first...if you make it through you get inducted into the motherhood sorority.

Another thing that I noticed about myself after Logan was born was that my voice had changed. At first my voice sounded like I was going hoarse or like I was catching a cold or something. I thought that it would just go away in a few days. Well, days turned into weeks and weeks into months. Eventually, I began to sound like a teenage boy going through puberty. I would be talking and all of a sudden my voice would go really high and then really low and then back to normal. I could not for the life of me figure out what was wrong and people started noticing it. I sounded terrible. One day me and a friend of mine decided to take Logan for a walk and we started talking about my voice. She asked me when I first noticed the change in my voice and I told her that it changed right after Logan was born. She paused a second and then asked if I yelled a lot while I was giving birth to her. All of a sudden it was like a light bulb went off in my head. I didn't yell while giving birth to Logan- I SCREAMED bloody murder trying to get that child out. It was bad. I have never screamed so long, loud, and hard in my entire life. Many people in that hospital probably thought I was dying. My delivery room was on the second floor and my sister in law had to go to the bathroom during the delivery, which was on the first floor. She said that she could hear me screaming in the bathroom on the first floor! So I think that I must have damaged my vocal cords or something because Logan will be 10 weeks old this Sunday and I still sound a HOT MESS!

As I said before, Logan will be 10 weeks this Sunday, July 19!!! My baby is getting soooo big!!! One thing that has totally shocked me over the past 10 weeks has been my weight loss. I was back down to the weight I was before I got pregnant about 2 weeks ago. YEAH! I do, however still have a little pudge belly, but over the past two weeks it seems to be disappearing too! Yippeeee! All I have done is walk with Logan about 2-3 times a week and that's about it...It's got to be the breastfeeding. All that torture of breastfeeding on the front end is worth it if I get my flat tummy back now!

Logan is a wonderful baby and I LOVE being a mommy!!! Me and Sy think that she is the most wonderful beautiful little thing that we have ever seen. I can't believe how much she has grown and changed. She is holding her head up on her own and smiling and trying to talk- baby talk that is. Being a mommy brings a whole new meaning to the word 'servant'. It is the hardest and most rewarding job there is- hands down. Logan had her six week check-up on the 25 June. she had already grown 7cm- she was 57 cm total and she weight 4.95 kilos- almost 11 pounds (she was 7 pounds- 8 ounces at birth). Little stinker!

Logan is discovering all the time...She loves to look at wall art, patterns, bright colors, etc. I love it when I walk in a room or walk past her and she follows me with her eyes- she doesn't know much right now, but she knows who her mommy is. She loves to eat! When ever she walks up from a nap the first things that she wants to do is eat. We go to the doctor for another checkup today so I will keep ya'll posted on her progress!

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QuitaShay said...

Dasha!! You look great! And Ms.Logan well what can I say. she is soo precious. Such a cutey. Can't wait til you guys come home!!